About Us

Facilitate IT is an innovative company that developed as a result of the need to employment globalization. Understanding that sometimes the best skill sets for a job are found a world away from where a business operates and recognizing the need to reduce physical constraints in order to provide access to the best staffing overseas, Facilitate IT was born.

We understand that finding a staffing agent overseas can be challenging and that it can also be risky. Facilitate IT is here to empower your human resources with the best employees in the industry, no matter what industry that may be. We can help you achieve your corporate goals efficiently and effectively by offering the best infrastructure for your employees as well as for employee management and monitoring. Facilitate IT can even provide project management if necessary; we offer an all-around solution to your employee recruiting, staffing, monitoring and project management needs.


At Facilitate IT, our goal is to be a successful and effective recruitment channel utilizing our pool of talented head hunters to dedicate time and energy in research for the best possible recruit for your individual needs. Our mission is to provide a complete offshore solution for your virtual office including employee recruitment, monitoring and management.

We eliminate all the worry that is typically associated with hiring overseas staff. All you have to do is tell us what type of assistance you need and what your budget is, we do the rest. Our highly qualified team of human resource managers will search and discover the best candidates for your job taking the guesswork and the worry out of your staffing problems. Once hired, we will monitor your employees and can provide project management solutions to further assist you in achieving a virtual office environment that truly meets your needs.


Our aim is to provide globalization in a way that opens up the doors to specialized talent all over the world. Facilitate IT will find and deliver the right person for the job so that you can spend more time focusing on business development, engagement and success.

Facilitate IT covers the recruitment, supervision, monitoring, assistance, accounting and workplace administration procedures in India allowing you to achieve greater success in your industry without the worry of having to manage an overseas freelancer. You can maintain your own employee base, in India, without ever leaving your office.

Core Values
•   High quality candidates, prescreened for your safety
•   Tailored business solutions at affordable rates
•   The best prices in the industry!
•   Solid infrastructure for successful operation
•   Regular reporting
•   Wide range of industries and professions covered
•   Array of jobs can be handled
•   Around-the-clock support for your peace of mind
•  Friendly and helpful recruiters and staffing agents


We are a company with one single focus: to empower you to get the best brains of the industry from various countries on your payroll. Hire them after you have interviewed and established their quality. We understand the importance of a business and good human resources. Our focus is strictly on customer satisfaction.

No matter what industry you are from and what profile you are looking to fill, we are always willing to find the right person for your esteemed firm.

Get the benefits of our resources NOW and contract us to get a customized quote absolutely FREE!

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