Back Office Admin

You could be experiencing the dilemma of having a lot to do but not having sufficient time or man power to get it done. Stream line your procedure and enhance your business output by outsourcing a dedicated back office admin from Facilitate IT.
          By hiring your needs to us, you can get rid of all of the hassles of outsourcing staff, overseeing processes, and therefore retain your existing staff to procure more business that boost your entire business value. We at Facilitate It, work as an extension to your practice, offering comprehensive assistance and support for carrying out various tasks. Hire a dedicated back office admin to your project team to crop up all sorts of admin tasks.

A Dedicated Back Office Admin Can Help You With:

Database Design & Management

• Data Entry
• Creating Database

Desktop Layout

• Newsletters
• Stationery, Forms, Brochures
• Advertisement & Mail Merge
• Handbooks, Manuals, Catalogs, Directories, Programs

Word Processing

• Reports
• Bulk Mailing
• Mail Merges
• General Typing & Correspondence

Accounting Services

• Data Entry
• QuickBooks Management
• Invoicing
• Pay Roll
• Basic Bookkeeping
• Billing & Follow Up
• Utility Payments
• Competitor Research
• Creating Charts & Graphs
• Product Research
• Analysis of Charts & Graphs

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