Our Offices


Facilitate IT understands that the backbone of any commercial organization lies in the infrastructure. Recruiting offshore employees can be challenging and may make achieving the goal and appropriate infrastructure difficult. We help you find and employ the right candidates for your team providing your employees with a solid infrastructure to work in.

Our friendly environment welcomes employees to perform the necessary tasks of the day. Here, we even include webcams so that you can monitor what employees are doing and how activities are taking place throughout the day just as you would if they were in an office next to yours; the only difference is that the employees are here in India working diligently on your tasks under the supervision of the Facilitate IT staff.

We provide high speed internet to employees so that you can reach out to them whenever you need and so that they can send tasks to you upon completion. In addition to high speed internet, our India offices feature many basic office amenities including PCs, Mac computers, printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, and basic refreshments to keep office staff morale up throughout the day.

The Facilitate IT monitoring staff keeps a close eye on employees’ activities and internet behaviors to ensure that you get the work that you are paying for. Unlike hiring a freelancer who works from home and may have other jobs or who may not be focused on your project as much as he or she should be, Facilitate IT ensures that your employees are working for you for the total number of hours committed each day. Have a question about an employee or the hours worked? Just ask the Facilitate IT monitoring staff, they’ll be happy to answer your questions!


The most important requirement for Human Resources is a friendly environment with peace and tranquillity to perform the necessary tasks of the day. We at Facilitate IT, provide your employees with just the right environment to conduct the proceedings of the day in a happy and healthy manner.

High Speed Internet

In the present day scenario, no matter what industry one belongs to, the internet acts as a chief catalyst. Without it, one can hardly go about their business. Understanding this, Facilitate IT provides your human resource with high speed internet to ensure that you can reach out to them whenever you need them and they can send over their tasks to you as soon as possible.

Basic Amenities

We know that and eventual refreshment can do magic to someone’s work. Everyone needs a shot of coffee or tea while at work. At Facilitate IT we provide your staff with these basic refreshments to keep their morale up and their batteries charged even during deadlines and low days.


If you are worried that your offshore employees aren’t working for you for the number of hours committed, you can easily check with the monitoring staff of Facilitate IT that keeps a close check on your employees’ activities and internet behaviors to ascertain that you get what you are paying for.

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