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Revolution in online industry has made SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a most hunted–after means to boost one’s website. SEO is a process to improve the ranking of a website or webpage on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and so on. Desire of higher rankings in popular search engines to increase traffic rate, boost sales and brings esteem to the website is growing day by day by both small and big enterprise to make their own reputation on the web. In order to meet these demands of website owners, the internet nowadays is overloaded with ample of SEO companies and professionals.

Hiring dedicated SEO contractor is the best cost-effective available option today. Hiring offshore resource offers more benefitfrom an extra focused contacts and cutting outflow.

From Facilitate IT, you can hire a dedicated SEO contractor or hire a virtual team of SEO experts as per your requirement. The dedicated resources will solely work for you as per your instruction and guidelines within your direct monitoring and prioritizing your focus.

Hire Dedicated SEO Resource And Build Your Own Offshore Team:


• Affordable pricing
• Have A Daily Updates For The Work Done
• Direct Control And Monitoring
• Direct Communication With SEO Contractor
• No Hidden Cost Involved
• In House Project Manager To Conduct Supervision

Cost For Hiring Dedicated Resources:

There is no setup fee or any other hidden cost involved. You will get exactly that what we have mentioned above and there is no additional terms and conditions in it. You can ask him to do almost anything in SEO, during the working hours.

Our Assurance In Hiring Dedicated SEO Consultant:

• At Least 9 Hours A Day And 5 Days A Week Working
• A Favorable Development Environment
• Guaranteed Timely Communication
• Daily Or Weekly Working Updates As Per Your Need
• W3C Code Standards
• Strict Delivery Time
• Software And Hardware Infrastructure
• High Bandwidth Internet Connection
• Direct Communication Through IM, Email And Instant Chat Messenger

Work Timing: We are open from Monday to Friday from 9 AM – 6 PM as per Indian Standard Time

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