Every business wants to create a strong pipeline and accelerate sales cycles by generating highly qualified and targeted prospects. The right approach and strategic plan is something that business can’t afford to neglect in today’s highly competitive landscape. If you are looking for ways to get your voice noticed by targeted markets, all you are required to have is a sturdy telemarketing campaign. Crop up all sorts of telemarketing tasks by outsourcing a skilled virtual assistant from Facilitate IT.
        We at Facilitate IT enable you to hire a dedicated telemarketer to increase your customer base and expand your business.Outsourcing a dedicated telemarketer or skilled resource to your project team means no infrastructure burden, no payroll burden, no HR burden and enjoy the cost-cutting by up to 60%.

When You Hire A Dedicated Telemarketer, You Get Access To Personnel With Significant Work Expertise In Providing Telemarketing Tasks Like:

• Inbound Telemarketing
• Outbound Telemarketing
• Business To Business Telemarketing
• Business To Customer Telemarketing
• Automated Telemarketing

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